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Master Cent prepaid cell phone calling card to call from the USA to more than 200 countries of the world using cellular or landline telephone. Buy cheap prepaid phone cards online. Use cheap prepaid calling cards for low rate international and domestic long distance phone calls.
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Master Cent Card is a Permanent PIN phone card that provides the convenience of both PIN Free Access and the handy Refill option. Low calling rates to many countries with high quality connection. Local and Toll Free Access numbers are available.

  • Take advantage of PIN FREE Access feature - assign up to 6 phone numbers to one account.
    Use "My Account" - "My Permanent PINs" to register additional phone numbers.

  • Use Permanent PIN feature when calling from not assigned phone number.

  • Refill the card at any time (add more funds).
    Use "My Account" - "My Permanent PINs" to see the Balance and other Reports.

  • Save even more by calling to Local access numbers from your Cell Phone!

    - No Connection Fee
    - Maintenance Fee - 89¢/weekly
    - Rounding - 3 minutes
    - Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes (USA)
    - Local Access Numbers - Yes (USA)
    - Service Taxes & Surcharges - 28%
    - Pay Phone Charge - 99¢
    - Validity period - Unlimited (*)
    - Prompt Languages - English

    (*) Card expires if no refill within 9 months.

    All questions and problems should be resolved through the Customer Service. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. All rates and applicable charges are subject to change in accordance with legal requirements. Federal, state, and local taxes may apply. Services are provided subject to terms and conditions of federal and state tariffs. Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes on card. The card has no cash value and is non-refundable. Be sure to safeguard your card at all times.

  • Master Cent Card Dialing Instructions
    1. Dial Local or Toll Free Access Number, wait for the prompt:
    -- USA Continental: 1-800-396-9353 (add 1c/min.)
    -- From mobile or landline with free long-distance: 213-226-8436
    -- USA Hawaii: 1-800-822-1047 (add 1c/min.)
    -- Local Access Numbers

    2. When you hear the prompt, you can select another prompt language:
    Press…*0 for English; *1 for Spanish; *2 for Bulgarian; *3 for Polish;
    *4 for Tagalog; *5 for Portuguese; *6 for Russian; *7 for Romanian;
    *8 for Mandarin; *9 for Arabic.

    3. Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.

    4. Dial your destination number:
    -- For International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number
    -- For calls to/within the US and Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

    • If no connection is established in 30 seconds:
    Press star, star, pound, zero (**#0) and the number will automatically redial.

    • To dial a different number after a call is complete:
    Stay on the line, press star, star (**) and dial a new number.

    For questions regarding connection and quality please contact Card's Customer Service (the number is provided in the same email with Phone Card’s PIN and Dialing Instructions).

    For questions regarding sales or services please contact us.

    This Card can be used from USA - Continental, USA - Mobile
    click on country to see rates

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